HiiT56 Route56

FUN: I am an INDIVIDUAL that needs a FUN Partner.

Please help me find one.

FUN: Team of Two!


ROCKSTAR: I am an INDIVIDUAL that needs a ROCKSTAR Partner.

Please help me find one.

ROCKSTAR: Team of Two!


THIS EVENT SUPPORTS, Empower The Girls-Reduce The Risk. A portion of all the registration will go to this amazing organization. Please LIKE them on Facebook.

Partner Fitness Competition.

Open to anyone interested in taking a ride down Route56 with your favorite FIT FRIEND. You do not want to miss this fun BUT fierce showdown!

You do NOT need to be a Hiit56 Member to participate. We encourage others to come and try to kick our Hiit56 Teams!

Saturday, December 8 – 8:00am at Hiit56 West Boca


Fun (no pressure, burn calories and have some fun)
Rockstar (competitive)
All Male
All Female
Female/Male (FUN Division Only)


The competition will run 56 Minutes straight for each team. This 56 minutes showdown will consist of (4) 10 minute Partner AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) workouts. Between each 10 minute AMRAP workout the team will have 5 minutes to recover, rest and move on to the next 10 minute AMRAP workout.

Workouts will be announced 2 weeks prior to the competition. SUSPENSE is FUN!

Bring the family… there will be a BOUNCE HOUSE for the kids, Food Truck, Vendors and a DJ to help you stay motivated through the event.

FORMAT: 56 Minute Continuous Workout & Rest.

You will do your first 10-Minute Partner Workout, once completed you will have exactly 4 Minutes to rest, then you will complete your second 10-Minute Partner Workout, once completed you will have exactly 4 Minute rest. This pattern will take place until all 4, 10-MinuteWorkouts are complete. The event will be on a running clock.

Here are TWO of the 4, 10-Minute Workouts.

Workout 1: Row and Carry!

Partner1 Rows fro Calories on a Concept 2 Rower, while Partner 2 Farmer Carries (Plates) 100m, once 100m is reached, Partner1 & 2 switch…they continue this pattern for 10 Minutes. Score is based on the amount of Calories Rowed.

Workout 2: Push, Push and Go!

Partner1 & Partner2 will push Sled together 25m. Once the Team reaches 25m they will complete a total of 20 Hand Release Pushups (alternating between partners (10 per person)…”you go-I go” format). Once complete, Team will complete a 50m Sprint/Run Together. 10 Minute AMRAP of all 3 moves.

Workout 3: The 2 S’s

Partner1 & Partner2 will complete a total of 50 Med Ball Sit-ups. Once sit-ups are completed, they will preform a total of 120 Dumbbell Goblet Squats (butt must hit medball), alternating by 20 reps per person, “You Go, I Go” format until 120 reps are complete. 10 Minute AMRAP of this two moves.

Workout 4: WD-40

Partner 1 and Partner2 must complete the following Chipper.

—40 KB Swings

—40 Burpees

—40 Kneeling Bar OH Press

—40 Inverted Bar Row

Team must complete each move in a “You Go-I Go” format, alternating 10 reps per person until movement is completed. 10 Minute AMRAP of these 4 movements.